Pre-treatment Chemicals are used to convert raw fibre/ yarn/ fabric into substrates suitable for dyeing, printing and finishing. These fibres/ yarns/ fabrics could be of cotton, wool, silk, synthetics and blends of these.
Dyeing is the process of imparting colour to a textile material by use of a dye. This material is present in various forms: loose fibre, sliver, yarn (cheese, cone, warp, hank), fabric (woven, knitted, non-woven) and garment.
Textile materials undergo several chemical treatments from the raw stage to finished product. These processes (desizing, scouring, bleaching, dyeing, washing etc.) cause the surface of the fibres to become rough and harsh.
Garment washing is the technology which is used to modify the appearance, outlook, comfort ability and fashion of the garments. Different outlook of garment could be produced in the garment by different washing techniques such as Enzyme wash, Stone wash, Bleach wash, Silicon wash etc.
The range of leather processing products and auxiliaries has been created on basis of customer needs and constant research and development. The products are cost-effective, more environmentally friendly, consistent and upgraded.
Pigments are used for colouring paint, ink, plastic, fabric, cosmetics, food and other materials. Most pigments used in manufacturing and the visual arts are dry colorants, usually ground into a fine powder. This powder is added to a binder, that suspends the pigment and gives the paint its adhesion.
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