Dyeing & Printing

Dyeing auxiliaries: The dyes used in this mass colouration are specific for a particular substrate and are classified with regard to their chemical constitution, substantivity to the fibre type and method of application. Dyeing auxiliaries ensure levelness and optimum depth/shade of the dyeing, dye solubility/dispersing property of the dye and good fastness properties.

Print auxiliaries: The types of dyes used in textile printing are usually the same classes that confer substantively to given fibre types in the exhaust dyeing process. There are several types of printing in vogue e.g. Pigment, Vat, Reactive, Disperse, Rapid, Napthol/Base.

Today, with the use of a suitable binder and thickener, pigments can be applied to all types of fibres. The ease of application and the fact that washing-off of the prints is unnecessary, has contributed to the popularity of Pigment Printing.

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